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    We specialize in making powerful PCP air rifles.



    Caliber.177, .22, .25
    Systemsemi auto air pistol
    Shot quantity per fill ( 250 bar).177 : 16 shots
    .22 : 14 shots
    .25 : 12 shots
    Overall Length281.5mm
    Barrel length159.5mm
    Product description
    The Evanix Viper is a semi-automatic PCP air pistol that features a slide that is used to cock it. After filling it up using the Foster connection, it’s good for an average of 12 or 14 shots. Handling it comes naturally due to its comfortable grip and reactive trigger. Its wooden grip panels are chequered and complement the black finish of the rugged aluminium exterior.

    To be able to mount sights, the pressurised air pistol has been fitted with a Weaver/Picatinny mounting rail, which also accommodates the already installed (removable) open sights. A small window on the right side allows the user to see if the Viper is cocked. The left side features a safety switch that can be operated with the thumb. For adjustments to the hammer spring, the dial on the rear of the Viper can be adjusted. After removing the thread protector, a sound moderator can be attached to the 1/2 UNF muzzle thread to reduce noise output.

    The primary air reservoir of the Evanix Viper is located underneath the barrel and the secondary air reservoir is located around the barrel. These can be filled up to 250 bar through the Foster connection at the bottom of the Evanix Viper. The average shot count per calibre is as follows

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